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Partner with the 2024 National City Leagues Pro Am Basketball Championship!

Welcome to the forefront of a groundbreaking opportunity.

For nearly three decades, Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation has been the bedrock of unparalleled100k grandprize image 9deb7 basketball  excellence, igniting Las Vegas with the fiery spirit of PRO-AM Basketball competition. Year after year, champions have emerged, claiming their share of glory and substantial prize money, ranging from $15,000 to an astounding $50,000. And now, in an epic leap, this year's winning team will seize an unprecedented $100,000—marking a historic milestone in our championship's legacy.


But this isn't just about numbers; it's about the electric atmosphere, the raw passion, and the unrelenting drive that define our tournament. Last year, we made history by streaming the championship game on YouTube, setting the stage for what's to come. And now, in an exhilarating evolution, the championship day will be showcased and amplified by the powerhouse platform of HBCUGO SPORTS.


  verticle logos a698bThis isn't merely a tournament anymore. It's a movement. Our quest for national exposure has soared to unfathomable heights. 

We expecting to touch millions of hearts and captivating a staggering 10 million views—thanks to our fusion with HBCU Basketball Association and HBCUGO SPORTS.

This year, the journey to greatness will unfold on YouTube, building anticipation until the crescendo of the Championship Day 2024,hbcugosports logo c7b12 streamed live by HBCUGO SPORTS.

As we gear up for this spectacular event, we're anticipating the arrival of 16 teams—16 dreams converging on the court, each fueled by the pursuit of victory and a shot at history.

Align your brand with our tournament.  Your sponsorship isn't just an investment; it's a partnership that will resonates with millions, transcending boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the sports world.

Join us in this extraordinary journey. Contact us now to explore the myriad of sponsorship opportunities available and position your brand at the forefront of this monumental basketball saga. Let's craft a legacy together that echoes through the halls of sporting greatness for years to come.



Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation, Inc a 501(c)(3) organization was founded in 1976 as an AAU youth-oriented basketball program, utilizing basketball as a tool to assist our youth to stay engaged in school and as a way to expand their engagement with others who may be of different backgrounds and the potential to gain scholarships to further their educational journey.

Having been the first organization in the United States to host The People Republic of China Junior Olympic Team for a National tour we have set the standard for other organizations to expend their horizon.

National Pro-Am City Leagues was established in 1987. They were formerly The NBA Pro-Am sponsored and funded by the NBA. The National Pro-Am City Leagues ran the NBA sanctioned Summer Leagues for NBA players and the top College players and hosted the Pro-Am National Tournament which Del Val became a part of in 1987 with the primary function of training new officials for the NBA/CBA programs.

The International Pro-Am Basketball Official's Association also was established in 1987 taking over the training program for potential NBA/CBA officials which they still do today officiating the National Pro-Am Tournament as their platform.

With the passing of Cecil Watkins, President and Founder of National Pro-Am City Leagues, Inc in 2009 Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation, Inc absorbed National Pro-Am City Leagues into their program becoming Delaware Valley USA Sports Federation/National Pro-Am Basketball to continue hosting the National Tournament growing from a 1st place prize of $10,000.00 to today a 1st place prize of $100,000.00.


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